Zoho Mail How to Add a Signature

Email is one of the most important ways to communicate in personal life and also respecting organizations and businesses, working as the most suitable and formal method to stay permanently in touch with partners and co-workers. Now, while emails include the sender every time in Zoho Mail, adding a signature is a great tool for identification to get advantage from.

With a signature, we can identify ourselves every time we send a message in Zoho Mail, along with a message or anything else we want to write and even acts as a marketing tool. This is the way to use it.

Adding a Signature

The signature can be our name as a way to send messages with a more formal touch, or a complete message that could be a motto. It appears at the end of the message and the best thing is that is added automatically.

Adding a signature in Zoho Mail is very simple. Let´s access the configuration options by clicking on “Settings” on the button shown to the right. Then, locate the “Signatures” category that is the last one in the Settings screen.

Now that you are in the category, you will be able to find the “Add a New Signature” option to start creating you signature. So click on it.

On the right a writing panel will be generated to enter the signature´s details. First, enter the name of the signature so it can be identified later; in this case we will be writing “Business Signature”.

Down below there is the writing section for you to enter the content of the signature. You can count on with a tool panel on top where different effects can be added, as well as changing size, modify fonts and more.

This is an example on how it looks a modified text with the available tools.

The signature will be added to the default email address of the account as logical. However, you can associate another email address to this signature and use it the same, if there are others related to the association or business. To do it, click on “Add” and select the email addresses available.

When every field is filled with the required information and the signature is ready, click on “Save” and the process will be done and with the signature store.

Saved signatures looks this way and you can have as many as you need to use in determine circumstances.

Managing Signatures in Zoho Mail

You can manage your signatures in Zoho Mail. To do so, put the cursor of the mouse on any of the signatures you want to manage and a tool panel will appear. In this panel you have the option to add a new signature, edit and delete the signature.

Also, if you want to keep the signature appearing in replies as well, click on the “Signatures in Replies” button on the right corner.

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