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What is Zoho Mail and what is it for?

November 26, 2020

A mail service is a mandatory solution to count on these days, especially in the businesses department. Zoho Mail is the perfect platform for this purpose since it involves valuable characteristics for personal and enterprise email, all in the same platform and with free and paid plans.

But, what is Zoho Mail and what is it for? That is a question we will be answering respecting purpose, approach and characteristics that make this email solution of the most interesting in the personal and the business fields, for sure.

Zoho Mail: Definition and Approach

In details, Zoho Mail is an email platform that have both the traditional approach of a powerful personal mail account with all the known features respecting receiving and sending messages, along with organization features as calendar, tasks, notes, and bookmarks. 

zoho mail

However, the other approach as an email solution and vendor Zoho Mail has is focused entirely on business and corporate accounts. This means that the platform is designed for businessmen and responsible managers in charge of managing large groups of employees in enterprises, boosting communication and making easier. 

To do this, Zoho Mail guarantees complete security and privacy with state-of-the-art encryption, ad-free, with a comprehensive control panel, professional-class domain and advanced functions that are powerful in the personal and business mail department, with free and plans at very low prices that start at 1 dollar per month.

zoho mail

Advanced Features of Zoho Mail for High-Class Service

Zoho Mail is more than just an inbox, but a complete platform and management solution for the communication of the entire company, with a suite of apps built-in the inbox that are amazing tools: bookmarks, calendar, tasks, notes and more right in the home for more productivity.

Collaborating, exploring and share is very easy in the platform where tasks can be assigned, event creation and note sharing are at one click away, such as organizing messages and getting attachments uploaded to the cloud.

In order to have a clean inbox and experience in general, Zoho Mail counts on with filters to organize the incoming emails, advanced search, Out of Office responses, signatures and the possibility to add functions with third party developers as Zapier and the available Zoho Apps, which can be installed on the inbox easily.

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Highlighted Possibilities of Zoho Mail

Zoho Mails really stands out due to its unique characteristics. Zoho means unparalleled security and privacy with data centers that integrates software and hardware security, both with end-to-end and S/MIME message encryption.

To manage everything that has to do with the emails of the organization and general communication, Zoho Mail counts on with a control panel where settings, customization and configuration can be handled properly and easy. From this control panel users can be added, along with policies modification, moderate email content and manage groups and their aliases.

Other functions that are valuable are: Email Retention for legal purposes and E-Discovery, as well as Streams with social functions as tagging and comments brought to emails, Data Privacy, Easy Migration from other email providers and CRM compatibility.

zoho mail
zoho mail