Using Zoho Meeting to Have Video Conference in Zoho Mail

Email platforms currently offer plenty of services to the users, having a comprehensive approach to increase their market share and more and more customers get signed. Zoho Mail is the perfect example of that with personal and business accounts available, with both of them having access to the service of Zoho Meeting.

Zoho Meeting allows us to have video conference and calls with contacts and members of our organization, inviting them directly through a link. Let´s learn how to use this valuable tool in times of pandemic.

How to Start in Zoho Meeting

To start using Zoho Meeting in Zoho Mail is very simple and there are only a few steps involved, so we are carrying them all out and be able to take advantage of this powerful tool. So, to begin with there is the need to open session in Zoho Mail and once you are inside, you will be finding the “Zoho Meeting” button placed on the tool panel on the right.

In this way, a small window will appear where Zoho Mail oofers two options: “Start a Metteing” right away, or “Schedule for Later” to set a meeting In the future. Let´s click on the first one to start a meeting immediately.

In seconds, the small window will generate a link that we can use to invite people to the meeting. With the “Copy URL” button the link will be copied to clipboard easily to be shared anywhere we want.

Zoho Mail also gives the option of inviting people via email and using Cliq as technology provider behind Zoho Mail´s Channels as collaborating tool in organizations. Click on any of the buttons as in the image to invite people to the meeting

Now, the remaining step is to actually launch the meeting a start communicating with the people you need to. To do so, Click on “Launch meeting”. In case you need to add more people to the meeting you can do it just fine by sharing the link and people will be joined on the go.

Setting up the Meeting in Zoho Mail

Before the meeting starts, we need to set up some technical parameters to make sure everything works fine, although this process is only required to be done once. First, the platform asks to select an audio option. Select “ Computer Audio” if you are accessing from a computer.

Then, you can check if camera, microphone and speakers are working fine and detected. You can also switch off the web cam and select another microphone or speaker, if connected. If everything is set up properly, click on “Start meeting”.

This is how it looks like. With the meeting running, on the top there is a main menu with plenty of options to see attendees, chat, start sharing or lock the meeting so no one can get in, as well as having tools to record the meeting, stop video or sound and leave the meeting. To the left of the main menu there is the timer.

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