Using Zoho Apps in Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is a platform that not only focuses on email personal accounts, but actually has a corporate approach with business solutions that can be used properly by organizations. In fact, there are plenty of apps and software provided by Zoho where there are many different tools and platforms to take advantage from.

In this way, productivity, communication, interaction, security and the use of other resources is at hand easily and all of these platforms are online and cloud-based for availability in any device.

How to access Zoho Apps in Zoho Mail

To start accessing business apps in Zoho Mail, first open session and when you are logged in click on the “Zoho Apps” button located to the top right corner of the screen. Like this, a list will appear showing different categories.

To begin with, the first category shown is Sales & Marketing and in here the software is focused on managing the sales and marketing aspects of the organization or business. For example, if you click on “CRM” you will access to the company´s CRM or Costumer Relationship Management, allowing to control how the company treat costumers and how is getting new ones.

Other options in this category are: Forms, Social, SalesIQ, Campaigns, Sites, Motivator, PageSense and more.

If we scroll down a little bit and depending on the size of your screen, you will find the second category that is Finance. In this category there is software that makes easy to grow the business and monitor financial aspects. For instance, by clicking on “Inventory” we have a platforms to control product stock.

The next category is Email & Collaboration and for the majority of the organizations this one is very relevant. There are up to 15 apps focused on these functions of emailing and collaborating. Some of them are Cliq, Docs, Projects, Connect, Meeting, Vault, ShowTime and more.

All of these apps are designed to boost productivity, collaboration and communication between organization members.

To highlight a few of these collaboration apps, we have Cliq as the one that allows to manage and create Groups, Channels and add Contacts across all platforms belonging to Zoho, and in this way communication gets very easy.

With Docs we have access to the WorkDrive platform provided by Zoho, which offers up to 5 GB of total storage to save attachments and any type of file into this online cloud for the organization. The members can upload files directly and also create documents in the apps of Writer, Sheet and Show that are automatically saved in WorkDrive and possible to share.

The last categories respecting the Zoho apps are IT & Help Desk, Human Resources and Custom Solutions, functioning as platforms to manage technology issues and resources, to recruit talented people and workers the best way and to monitor analytics, respectively. It is worthy of knowing that business solutions provided by Zoho are free only during a 14-days trial, then they must be paid.

Waldo Casique:

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