Using the “Send Mail As” Function in Zoho Mail

When it comes to online services, privacy is an important aspect to consider since there are risks out there. One matter to take into account is identity, and with Zoho Mail you can count in with functions to protect it in case privacy is a major concern, particularly using different options like the “Send Mail As” feature.

We are going to learn how to use this function and take the most out of it, especially when we want to protect identity and avoid risks, or simply as a way to elude sharing real email address.

How to use the “Send Mail As” feature in Zoho Mail

With the “Send Mail As” function, you can send messages and the recipient that will be shown to the receiver will not actually be your actual address in Zoho Mail, but another one configured by you that can be related to another email provider or another address in general.

To start using this function, we are going to open session and then access the Settings. To do so, click on the “Settings” button on the permanently tool panel on the right.

On the Settings categories, go almost to the bottom and click on the “Send Mail As” one to configure functions respecting this feature. There are options you can click directly on the category as “Add New Address” and “Manage from Addressed”.

Within the category, it is shown the primary email address which is the one that acts as default address. The whole purpose of the function Send Mail As is to hide this default address with another one. To do it, click con “Add new From email address”.

In this way, Zoho Mail will ask you to choose your external email provider to show. You can select “Outlook”, “Office 365”, “Zoho” and “Others” from the list. Let´s click on this last one option first to follow the process.

By clicking on this option, three empty fields will appear: “Display Name”, “Choose SMPT Server”, and “Email Address”. For the second option, make sure to select “Zoho SMPT” for ease of use.

Then, click on “Send Verification” to continue the process.

As you can see, now the email address you enter appears on the list of the category. However, you need to verify the address you entered to prove is yours. To do it, open session on that third-party email provider, in this case Yahoo, look for the confirmation email and enter the sent code clicking on “Verify”.

Using the Recent Email Address

To use the newly email address that have been added and send emails as if you would send directly from it, when you are writing a new message change the address in “From” and select “External” and then the corresponding email address.

Now the email will be sent showing the external email address as source, and not the actual one in Zoho Mail, as you can see.

Waldo Casique:

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