Templates, Tags and Flagged Messages in Zoho Mail

Currently, a great email platform must count with different possibilities other than simply sending and receive messages, such as providing productivity tools and easy ways to organize inbox and about cluttering. With Zoho Mail, you have available all of these functions and more in just one place.

Zoho Mail allows to manage messages in different ways with folders and by several action, and three of them are the possibility to add templates, tags and flagged messages to save some valuable time. This is how is done.

How to Create New Tags in Zoho Mail

Tags works to identify messages on the inbox and in this way management and organization gets easier. Also, Zoho Mail learns to identify messages on its own and when one of them is received and meet certain parameters, it is automatically moved to folders with specific tags.

When we open session, by default there are two Tags on the folder panel located to the left: “Notifications” and Newsletters”, and mails of this type are automatically tagged as such for better organization, usually sent by subscribed services and actions carried out by the user.

Creating a new Tag is very simple. Located the Tags list on the folder panel, and above them there is a button with a “+” icon. When you click on it, a menu is shown where a new Tag is created by writing its name, in this case will be “Work” and selecting a color. Click on “Save” and changes will be applied and the new Tag ready to use.

Now, identified messages with a default or custom Tag will appear in the original destination and also on the Tag folder. To identify a message, select it from the destination folder, in this case the inbox, and then click on the option “Tags as” on the tool bar above. In this case we will be choosing “Work” as custom tag.

As you can see, the message is now available on the “Work” Tab and keeps available on its original destination folder as well. 

Flagged Messages in Zoho Mail

Flagged messages are some sort of favorite or starred emails in Zoho Mail, as the way to make them relevant and appear on its own container. To mark an email as Flagged, open it as usual as if you were to read it, and click on the Flag icon right below the sender and when the icon turns red, the message is flagged and available in the container on the folder panel.

Templates to Save Time in Zoho Mail

Templates are emails created in prior to send right away in certain circumstances and save time, since they can be shared with one click. To create a Template, click on the “Templates” option in the folder panel. On the tool panel, there is the button “Create template” to create a new one.

A writing window will appear to enter information on the new template: Subject and Content. When entered, click on “Save” and the template will be ready to use.

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