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Streams: Answering Messages Easily in Zoho Mail

December 10, 2020

Counting on with an email platform is very important for individuals and especially for organizations, being the best way to communicate with workers formally and spread important information. Now, in many cases emails are not as suitable for this, particularly when they are compared with chats and that is why Zoho Mail has come up with Streams.

Let´s see what Streams is all about as a tool to facilitate communications in the organization and business, making very convenient and even fun to talk to workers and members, taking some elements from social networks.

What is Streams in Zoho Mail?

Specifically, Streams by Zoho Mail is a tool that allows users to communicate and exchange important information between members of the organization, avoiding cluttered inboxes or dealing with annoying replied and forwarded messages one after the other.

With Streams, everything is continuous and every message is shown after the other, as a chat and the user can also react or “like” the message and comment them. To start using Streams, let´s open session with our business account, and on the inbox we will be able to find the “Streams” button above the folders menu.

Zoho Mail Streams

Now, to access all of the Stream messages and other options, we are going to click on “Home” as a button on the Streams main menu, and to the center will be shown every function available.

Zoho Mail Streams

In here every message that is received and sent appears in line, along with the options to react to them. For example, in this received Stream message we can interact in many ways. If you click on “Write a comment” at the end of the Stream, you can put in words thoughts about the received message.

Zoho Mail Streams

Also, you can put a “like” on every Stream received by clicking on the heart icon, right below the message.

Zoho Mail Streams

In case you receive a Stream message and you want to answer privately, since all of the regular comments are public and can be read by members of the organization, you can use the option “Comment Privately” and will be able to write a message only the person will receive.

Zoho Mail Streams

Sending a Stream Message Using Zoho Mail

On top of the Home screen in the Streams tab there is the writing section to send new Stream messages to the whole organization or only one contact if needed. To write a new Stream, click on “@mention users or select a group to post your message”.

Zoho Mail Streams

Right away a writing panel will appear to enter the new message. Below it, there is the tool panel to give the message format by applying different fonts, sizes, effects and even add attachments. Click on “Post” and the message will be sent and posted.

Zoho Mail Streams

Filters in Streams by Zoho Mail

Above the message Stream list there are available filters with options that include Invites, Mentions, Favorites, Streams by Me an Attachments, and like this messages can be seen according to the selected filter.