Replying Messages and Other Email Functions in Zoho Mail

While email solutions have become multi-function platforms to manage personal and business matters, with tools as calendars, tasks, notes, contacts, bookmarks and also control panels and other technologies focused on business and collaborating, the basic purpose of emailing remains: the possibility to deliver and receive messages accordingly and on time, and with Zoho Mail this is possible.

When it comes to replying messages, Zoho offers plenty of possibilities and functions that are quite valuable and make personal and business communication easier. Let´s review these functionalities.

Answering Emails in Zoho Mail

When we open session in Zoho Mail and there is a message in our inbox, by just clicking on such email will be shown to the right and in this way folder panel, inbox and displayed message are available at the same time for multitasking.

On the top of the displayed message there is the main tool panel where we will be able to perform different actions. To begin with, there is the “Reply” button with the arrow icon and by clicking on it, a new tab answering the message will open with the writing section on top. Click “Send” and the answer will be sent.

The next button on the tool bar is “Reply All”, and it is useful when we want to answer several recipients that sent a message.

On this tool bar there is also the “Forward” button as an important feature to answer messages, allowing to copy a received email and send it as a copy or original to other recipients. Click on this function and a new tab appears with the copied message ready to add contacts to send the email.

Other Functions to Take Advantage of in Messages Received in Zoho Mail

There are other functions to manage and answer messages in Zoho Mail when a message is open. For example, on this tool bar on top of the email the first option is “Set Reminder” as the one with a clock icon on it.

With this, we can program the platform to remain us when someone answers or if no one does until certain time. Click on “Add Reminder” and it will be added as simple as that.

On the tool bar to the right there is an icon with an arrow pointing down, and when clicked a general menu will be displayed.

With this menu there are available plenty of actions to perform with the open message, such as marking the message as unread, share conversation, add the message to another folder, save the message locally and delete the email.

However, there is an action that is important and possible by this menu, which is “Mark as Spam”. By clicking on it, a message that is considered Spam will be moved to the Spam folder and it will be removed automatically in a few days. Messages from addresses with sent Spam will be included on this folder as well.

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