Linking Cloud Services and Adding Attachments from Them with Zoho Mail

When it comes to emails, sending attachments is one of the most important characteristics people use, along with sending written messages. With attachments, you can share documents, images and virtually any file by sending one message, and Zoho Mail really stands out regarding this function.

First of all, Zoho allows not only to upload attachment files of up to 50 MB that means high resolution photos with no compression, but is also possible to link cloud services and add files from such storage. Let´s learn how to.

Process to Link Third-Party Clouds with Zoho Mail

To link a third-party cloud provider with Zoho Mail is very simple by following a few steps. First, open session as you usually do and then click on “New Mail” to come up with a message to write.

On the new message tab opened by the platform, enter recipients, CC, BCC and Subject information, along with the message. Then, click on the “Attachment” button on the tool bar with the clipboard icon.

By clicking on this button Zoho Mail will open an attachment window with four tabs: “Desktop”, “My Attachments”, “Zoho Docs” and “Other Cloud Services”. Let´s focus on this last one by clicking it.

In this tab will be shown up to 5 third-party cloud services that can be linked to Zoho Mail: Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, Box and Evernote by following a similar process with any of them. As example, we are going to follow the process with Google Drive, and to start let´s click on “Authenticate Google”.

By doing so, a new window or tab on the internet browser will appear where Google, in this case, requires us to enter credentials as email account and password. Enter the email first and click on “Next” and do the same when password is requested.

If credentials are right, Google will ask us to allow Zoho access the requested information and files on Google Drive. Click on “Allow”. This will finish the linking process and the Google Drive repository, in this case, will be linked to Zoho Mail. Procedure is similar with Box, DropBox, Evernote and OneDrive.

Sending Attachments Right from Third Party Clouds in Zoho Mail

Immediately after the third-party cloud provider, which in this case is Google, is linked with Zoho Mail, it will appear in the attachment window on the “Other Cloud Services” tab, as you can see.

Now is simple: search for the file that is stored on the third-party cloud storage and click it to select it, and then click on the “Attach” button located to the bottom right of the attachment window. The file will be attached to the new message like it was from local storage on the computer.

As you can see here, the file that was on the Google Drive repository is now included as attachment on the message. The next step is to send the email by click on “Send” on the button located on top of the sender´s address.

Waldo Casique:

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