Import and Export Emails in Zoho Mail

While we use email service platforms, there are plenty of messages that get accumulated in our inbox that turn out to be very important, due to attachments or written text that is written on them. The thing is, for many people and organizations those messages cannot be erased or lost, even if we change of email provider. With Zoho Mail this is easy with the functions of importing and exporting emails.

By exporting and importing emails in Zoho Mail, we will be able to “pour” messages in and out other services, when we have emails that are important and we need them in Zoho Mail or those in the platform out of Zoho Mail, to pour them in solution providers like Outlook or Gmail. This is how is done.

Importing Emails into Zoho Mail

By importing emails into Zoho Mail, you can have your messages on it in no time from other service providers, being particularly a great option for recent users. To start, open session in Zoho Mail and locate the “Settings” button located to the right on the tool panel.

In the Settings you will see different categories. Find the one with the title “Import/Export Emails” to take advantage of these functions.

To import emails from another provider into Zoho Mail, you need access to an EML or ZIP file generated by this other platform; Yahoo, Gmail and Outlook offer this file importing compatibility. With this file locally in your computer, click on “Browse the EML or ZIP File or Drag and Drop Here”.

This is how it looks when the file is added. Now, select the Import Options like for example if you need to import the emails directly into the account or into a specific folder. If everything is set, click on “Import from EML” and the emails will be imported.

Exporting Emails from Zoho Mail

In Zoho Mail is possible to export messages from the service into another platform, in order to save important emails and have them available using another provider. To do it,

In the Export section, first select the folder from which the emails are going to be exported from. You can choose between the inbox, Sent folder, Newsletters and Notification, along with custom folder if created.

When you have selected the source folder, the next step is to choose the time period from which you need to export the messages from. You can select between one, three, and five or six months, a specific time range or simply export all of the emails included in the folder. In this case, let´s choose the “Export all mail in this folder” option.

When both fields are selected with a proper option, the last step is to actually click on “Export” to start the process.

In seconds, the exporting should begin and a small warning prompt will appear letting you know that the procedure has been successful and the emails and folders selected have been exported.

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