How to Use the Calendar in Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is more than an email platform by including plenty of functions in the personal and also the business fields, with powerful organization and management tools to take the most out of the service in terms of productivity and getting things done. A great example of this is the Calendar available in Zoho Mail.

With the built-in Calendar app, it is possible to set events, reminders and sync them with Zoho´s servers and never lose them and the related information. Let´s see how to use the Calendar in Zoho Mail.

Adding Events on the Calendar in Zoho Mail

When we open session in Zoho Mail, the inbox is the page we see first to check new messages. To the very left of such screen, at all times we will be able to see the default app panel and with six of them including mail. To access the calendar, locate the “Calendar” app on the menu and click on it.

By doing it, the platform will show main options of the calendar where mail folders used to be, and on the center we can see days by Day, Week and Month view where events will be shown, but more on that later.

To create an event, click on “New Event” on the button located above the calendars, and to the right the “Create Event” tag will appear.

On this tag the platform will ask us to enter the detailed information about the event, such as: title, schedule and date, add a reminder, add an attachment, color, location, URL link and description.

When the information is added we can go to the options on the right of the tab, where we will be able to associate the new event with other default apps in Zoho Mail, such as Meeting, Task and Notes by selecting them.

Also, in the “Attendees” section below you can enter contacts´ email addresses to invite them to the event and get notified.

When the entire information related to the event is entered, click on the “Save” button with the floppy disc icon and the event will be saved.

Here is how the event looks like, and when we click it information appears, along with options to edit, view and delete the event.

Adding Calendars in Zoho Mail

In Zoho Mail you can create as many calendars as you like, allowing you to organize events and reminders better and by categories, other than the default calendar with your name. To create a new calendar, click on the “+” button next to the My Calendar section.

By doing so, on the right the platform will require the information on the new calendar: name, which in this case will be “Business” description and color. Click on “Save” after entering the information.

The new calendar will appear in the My Calendar section to choose it and add new events on it depending on its purpose.

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