How to Use Tasks in Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is an email platform where you can not only send messages and receive them, but enjoy of plenty of productivity services and solutions that are quite valuable in the personal and business aspects, allowing to collaborate between partners and employees. Tasks is one of these solutions in Zoho Mail that provides great options for management, collaboration and organization.

Let´s see how new tasks can be added to remember important things to do, and how these are able to be easily shared with partners to collaborate and get things done in the business environment.

Adding New Tasks in Zoho Mail

By opening session in Zoho Mail, we will be able to find the app panel permanently on the left. On it, locate the “Tasks” app with the green icon that differentiate it.

When Tasks is selected, the folder panel related to mail functions on the left of the screen is substituted with Tasks´ related options or Views panel we will be reviewing one by one in the next section.

To create a new task, we are going to click on the “New Task” button that is located above the Views panel, being easy to start using this tool for personal and also businesses purposes.

In this way, a new prompt window called “Add Task” appears and on it the platform asks to enter the task´s related information, such as title, sub tasks if required, if a reminder via email and notification is needed to be set, as well as general description.

Also, you can select the folder in which the task is going to be saved and the project. In this case the project is called “Zoho Project” and the default folder in which the task will be saved is “My Tasks”. 

Before wrap it up the task new created task, if you put the cursor of the mouse on the title four functions appear in which you can set due dates for the tasks, add attachments as well as establishing priority and recurrence pattern.

When the information about the tasks is entered and completed, the last step is to click on “Save” and the process is done.

The task will appear in the “My Tasks” folder as created along with the project.

Managing Tasks and Using the Views Panel in Zoho Mail

When tasks have been created they can be managed and checked easily. If we click on a folder, in this case “My Tasks” folder, there is the previously created tasks. By clicking on it, the detailed information is shown on the right while the tasks list is still available on the center.

Deleting a task is easy, by clicking on the trash can icon to the right of every task.

Now, on the left there is the View panel, on from which we will be able to consult tasks respecting date and time period, with upcoming, delayed, today´s tasks and those for coming next week or month.

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