How to Use Contacts in Zoho Mail

The whole point of using email platforms is to share valuable information through messages, either with business or personal purposes alike and to be able to do this there is the need to count on with people to send messages to, also known as contacts. With Zoho Mail, you can have as many contacts as you like, with other valuable functions as importing and syncing them.

In this way, having contacts at one click is possible to share messages and relevant information, as well as functioning as a powerful collaboration and organization tool for business and companies.

Adding New Contacts in Zoho Mail

To start adding contacts in Zoho Mail, the first step is to login on the platform. When you are in, find the “Contacts” button on the app panel permanently shown to the left. The icon is red.

In this way, the platform and previous folder menu shown on the inbox will now display proper contacts-related options.

Above these options there is the “New Contact” option to add a new one. You can also add a new contact by clicking on the big “+” button located to the bottom right of the Contacts tab.

Like this, the Add Contact screen will appear where Zoho Mail asks for important contact´s information. So, introduce name, last name, email address and phone number, at least basically.

If you want to add more information about the contact, click on “Add More Information” and other fields to complete will enable, such as instant messaging and URL information, gender, birthdate, along with home address and work address.

When the information is entered completely, click on “Save” and the contact will be included on the contacts list.

Managing Contacts and Adding New Contact Categories in Zoho Mail

Now that we know how to create contacts, we can manage and organize them in a better way. If you click a contact on any list, details will be shown on an information panel to the right with details.

Below the email address on the information panel, there are for main options: “Edit”, “Delete”, “History” and “Print”. If you choose “Delete” the contact will be erased.

If you select the contact on the list, a tool panel for more actions will be enabled on the top of the contact list. Options are “Delete”, Add to” function we will address later, “Send Email” and “Print Contact”.

If we have many contacts, we can use categories to organize them better. On the main menu on the left, click on “Add Category” and a little window will appear to enter the name on the corresponding field. Click on “Save” and the category will be added.

With a new category added, we can move contacts on it. Select the contacts to move from the list and then on the tool panel click on “Add to”. Then, select the destination category and contacts will be moved.

The contact is now on the Business category.

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