How to Use Chats, Channels and Contacts as Business Tools in Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is an email platform that makes part of the Zoho services, which are focused on powering the collaborating, communication and general experience in business environment. In this way, such platform offers different tools that companies and organizations can use to stay connected and share information properly: Chats, Channels and Contacts allow exactly that.

Through these three solutions is easy to share information and stay connected with people and workers of our organization, as complete groups to contact or individuals. Let´s see how is done.

Using Chats in Zoho Mail

With Chats, we will be able to stay in touch with workers of the organization individually by taking advantage of plenty of features as we will be seeing. To start using Chats for business, the first step is to open session in Zoho Mail, and by doing so the inbox will load. Down on the bottom left corner you will be able to see the option “Chats” to be clicked.

In this way a main communication panel will be show. To start a chat, click on any of the recent chats or at the top there is a search bar to enter contact´s names or those belonging to Channels.

If we click on any contacts in the Chats list, a conversation will be started to the right of the screen.

At the bottom of the conversation is shown the writing section, along with the messages that appear above it.

With the Actions button you can carry out different actions, such as add a participant, leave or mute chat and more. You can not only sent text, but also include attachments in the conversation to share files easily. Do it by clicking on the big clipboard icon to the bottom left of the chat window.

Using Channels

Channels is a tool that allows to get in contacts with different members of the organization at once. These channels may have their own name, purpose and members.

To create a new Channel, click on the Apps button on the top right corner and locate the app “Cliq” on the Email & Collaboration category.

The Cliq home page will work as Zoho´s platform to manage remote work in the organization. To add a new Channel, click on the ”+” button in the Channels category. A new window will appear asking you to select the type of channel, name and participants. Complete the steps and click on “Create Channels”.

This new group created and called “Development” is added on the Channels list.

Using Contacts

In the Contacts tab of the tool panel we can see directly the contact list of the member of the organization and also search for them with the search bar on top. Every contact is a member of the organization and is added when the Channels are created.

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