How to Take Notes in Zoho Mail

When it comes to productivity, note taking is of the most useful activities to carry out by allowing us to have record on every idea and thing to do, along with lists and more. Therefore, an email platform that is worthy of being considered a productivity service must include notes, and Zoho Mail includes it with powerful features.

By taking notes, every great idea we have or reminder to do is at first hand. With Zoho Mail is very easy to create, manage and organize notes for better productivity at a personal and business level, thanks to sharing options. Let´s see.

Creating New Notes in Zoho Mail

To start creating notes, open session in Zoho Mail and locate the “Notes” app on the app panel placed to the left of the screen. The icon has an orange accent.

When the Notes app is selected in Zoho Mail, new several options appear on the previous folder panel of the inbox, including default containers where notes are saved and such containers can also be created by the user, as we will learn in a the next section.

For now, let´s create a new note. To do that, click on the “New Note” button placed at the top of the Views panel and note folders.

In this way, a new “sticky” note will appear as a window for you to enter the related information on the note. In the case it will include a shopping list.

For better note taking, there is a tool panel below the writing section where you can take advantage of format options. For example, you can change the color of the note with the first icon in the form of a paint palate, including four.

You can also insert photos and image files with the option “Insert Image” button, second in the tool panel. Click it and the platform will open a window to look for the destination folder of the image in the computer, so select it and click on “Attach”.

This is how the image looks added on the note.

The third option on the tool panel is “Attachment” and with it you can attach files to download later. Click on the button, select the file from a destination on the computer and click on “Attach”.

This is how the attachment looks on the note.

Now, format options include fonts, sizes, effects and more to write better notes.

If the note is done, click on “Add” and it will be added to the note list.

Managing Notes and Creating Note Books

With a note that you have already created, if you click it on the list you can read it while on the right a panel appears to manage the note. On this panel there is a menu button with a three-dot icon, if you click it different actions can be done to the note that is open: copy, move, share, delete and print the note, among others.

If you have too many notes and you need to organize them, you can create different note books. To do it, create a new note following previous procedure and click on “Change Book” below the writing panel.

Enter the name of the new note book in the corresponding space, in this case will be “Work – Business”. Then, click on “Add” and the note will be created and saved on the new note book.

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