How to Set an Out of Office Message in Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is an email platform that is focused in personal and business use alike, and therefore there are plenty of options and functions for this purpose. One of these is the possibility to set an Out of Office message in Zoho Mail, which result quite convenient for many reasons due to the way this tool works.

Let´s see how to establish an Out of Office message easily in Zoho Mail, completely customizable and perfect for those time periods and vacation where work will be put aside.

Learning How to Use the Out of Office Feature in Zoho Mail

With the Out of Office function, Zoho Mail allows the user to set a message that will be sent automatically to contacts, or some of them depending on the configuration in a specific time period, usually while the owner of the account is not available for some reason.

Setting this function is actually quite easy and can be done by following a few steps. The first one is to open session as regularly you would do in Zoho Mail. Signed in, look for the “Settings” option that is located to the top of the tool panel permanently shown to the left of the screen.

On the Settings, configuration options are divided into categories. Scroll down a few steps and you will find the “Out of Office” category, where right of the bat there are some direct functions to carry out. Nonetheless, click on the category as a whole to have access to the entire set of options respecting the message delivered out of office.

If there is no message created previously, the only option that appears is “Add New Out of Office”, so we will be clicking on it.

By doing it, the Out of Office panel will be shown from right to left and on it you can set the message as you please. For instance, you can enable the message to be received by everyone, your contacts only or non-contacts.

Then, down below set of the most important information respecting Out of Office functionality, which is the start date, end date and time interval of the message. Between these time periods the Out of Office message will be delivered according to configuration.

Now, the next critical step is to write the actual message that will be delivered. Include a subject and the content of the message, which can be as you please with the tool panel on the top of the writing section that includes effects, fonts, sizes and colors.

When the message is ready, click on “Save” and it will automatically be added and this is the way it appears on the list. Once the message is saved, it cannot be edited or modified.

However, in any case the message can be easily deleted and then create another following the previous steps. To do it, put the cursor on the message and click on the “Delete” option as a trash can icon.

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