How to Send an Email with Attachments, Images or Files in Zoho Mail

Sending emails is a basic task many people and companies carry out these days, not only by sharing written texts and general information respecting meetings, but also by sharing and delivering files and documents that are important to work with. With Zoho Mail is easy to do this as a great productivity and sharing tool.

Let´s see the process on how to send emails and messages with attachments, images and files using Zoho Mail, making simple to share important papers and photos when required.

Composing a New Email to Add Attachments to It

To start, we need to write a new message on Zoho Mail and this is very easy to do. Open session or login with your Zoho Mail account, and when you get to the inbox click on the button “New Mail” that is placed to the right of the inbox, above email folders.

After we introduce the recipients, CCs and BCCS along with the subject and the written message, it is the moment to add the attachments as we will see in the next section.

Adding Attachments, Images and Files to a Message in Zoho Mail

To start adding files, attachments and documents in general we will be using the tool bar above the writing section, where composing options as adding effects, fonts and sizes can be carried out. In such tool bar you will find the “Attachment” button with the clipboard icon and first on the bar.

When we click the button, a new window will appear with four tabs. Let´s focus on the “Desktop” one for the time being. To attach the file, click on the message in the center and the platform will ask you to search the file on the computer folders.

The attachment selected, in this case an image is added to this screen where it can be previewed, downloaded and removed by using the tools shown below the file.

If the file is ready to be full attached, click on “Attach” and will be added to the email.

Automatically, the file is attached to the email´s body and can be seen at all times. In case you need to remove the file, when you put the mouse cursor on it an “X” appear to the side. If you click the file is deleted. In case you want to rename the file, the option is below the file

Adding Files from Other Cloud Services

With Zoho Mail is possible to add attachments that are located on cloud services and not locally. To do it, let´s click in “Attachment” again but in this case, we are going to click on the tab “Other Cloud Services” right at the top of the attachment window.

There are up to five cloud services that can be added: Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, Box and Evernote. To start, select one service from the list on the left and on the right click on “Authenticate”, and by following further steps Zoho will be linked to the selected cloud service.

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