How to Send an Email in Zoho Mail

With Zoho Mail, individuals and companies in general can make use of a proper communication and organization platform in one place, as a platform that provides the best collaboration and management tools and plenty of functions for people that need an adequate solution for personal and work life.

Now, the main purpose of an email solution is exactly that possibility of sending and receiving messages, not only with text but also with attachments to share documents and media files easily. Let´s see how is done.

Entering the Zoho Mail Platform and Signing In

Before sending an email, we need to enter the platform and login. To do so, open a tab on your internet browser of choose and visit: “www.zoho.com /mail”. When the homepage is loaded, find the “Login” button right on the top right corner and click it.

Then, on the next page enter your credentials as email or mobile phone number and password, then click on “Sign in” and you are in. in seconds your inbox will be available.

Entering Recipients, CCs, BCCs and Subjects to New Messages in Zoho Mail

Now that we are in our inbox using Zoho Mail, let´s compose a message to send. To do it, we are going to be clicking in the blue button that says “New Email”, which is located to the left of the screen above the folders.

A new tab to the right will be generated with the next writing section of the message. In this section there is every tool and format to use, allowing to compose complex messages. This is how it looks.

The first step is to add a recipient or receiver of the message we are sending. So, let´s add it on the “To:” section by entering a complete email address from any provider. If you are going to add several separate each of them with a coma.

Next, add email addresses in the CC and BCC fields if necessary, in case you want to send copies and hidden copies of the messages to other recipients.

The next field is to introduce the subject or reason why you are sending the message.

Writing the new email to send on Zoho Mail

Now that recipients, CCs, BCCs and subject have been introduced, it is the moment to write the message. Enter the words you need on the writing section below the subject.

On top of the writing section there is a tool bar, allowing us to change format of the text and add effects, add attachments, change size of the font and more.

For example, if we select text and click on the “Italic” button the font will acquire this effect. Another example would be adding bullets and other tools to organize the text better and send a precise message.

When the message is ready, click on “Send” on the button located above the sender´s address and the email will be sent. As simple as that. 

Waldo Casique:

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