How to Manage Messages and Folders in Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is a comprehensive email service that offers personal and business accounts, so people in general and also companies can take advantage of a great service platform with great solutions, thanks to free and paid plans.

Also, Zoho Mail includes powerful functions for organizing and manage messages and folders in the inbox, allowing to have a more clean account with emails put accordingly. Let´s learn how to manage these tools of folders, messages and the way to create and delete them anytime.

Managing Messages Using Zoho Mail

When we receive too many messages, it is easy for our inbox to get cluttered and messy but this is not the case with Zoho Mail, providing plenty of option to manage them properly. To start, we are going to open session.

Within the inbox, we see that we have our messages to the right and the folder panel to the left. Every new message automatically is received to the inbox and the other folders are complementary.

As we can see, there is a message in the inbox and is perfect for management. If we click on it, a reading panel appears on the right and shows the content. This makes easy to read emails while having inbox and other folders available.

We can manage the email from both the inbox directly or from the reading panel. On the message, if you click on the little box on it to select it the tool panel on top will enable, with the options: “Move to”, “Tag As” and “Delete”. 

If we click on “Move to”, a small menu will come up with the available folders where to move the selected message to. If we choose in this case for instance the recipient folder as “Sent” the email will be moved automatically there.

If we click on “Tag as” the platform will allow to tag message as “Notifications” or “Newsletters”.

The last option to the left is “Delete” and if we click on it the selected messages will be moved to Trash folder, for easy recovery. Emails in the Trash folder will be completely removed after 30 days.

Managing Folders Using Zoho Mail

Folders are great tools to have an organized and clean inbox. By default, Zoho Mail offers seven of them to the left on the folder panel. However, on top of it there is a “+” button that will allow to add custom folders.

When we do click on this icon, a small prompt window will appear asking the folder name and place to put it. Let´s call this one “Business” and put it below Inbox folder. Click on “Save” and changes will apply.

As we can see, the folder has been created and ready to put messages into it by following the previous procedure. If we click on it with the right button on the mouse, we have other management options: “Create a Subfolder”, “Rename this Folder” and “Delete Folder”, among others.

If we click on “Delete Folder” it will be removed completely after confirming the deletion by clicking on “OK” on the prompt window.

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