How to Login and Sign out in Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is an outstanding email provider and perfect solution to send and receive messages on the web, along with other possibilities that help the user to start organized and managed personal information properly.

By using the Zoho Mail platform, users will be able to take advantage of a service that is more than an inbox: a comprehensive solution for individual users and small to medium-sized business with proper security and privacy technologies, 24/7 support, collaboration functions, hassle free migration, management possibilities and compatibility with Zoho´s and third party apps.

Let´s learn how to login and sign out in Zoho Mail, easily.

Accessing Zoho´s Official Home Page and Signing Up First

Before signing in on Zoho Mail obviously we will need to have an account first. To do it, open a new tab or window on the internet browser of choice. The recommendation is that the utilized software is at least up to date. On the URL address bar, enter: “www.zoho.com/mail” and press enter on the keyboard.

The official Zoho´s home page should start loading and ready in seconds. On this screen, go to the right and under the “Get started with ad-free mail” you will find two options: “Business Email” that is ideal for businesses and if it is right for you, select it and then click on “Sign up for free”.

By doing so, the platform will redirect you to other paid business plans that start at 1 dollar per month with Mail Lite. There are other services and a free plan as well. Select suitable for you and complete the process.

On the other hand, if you need a personal email account, on the home screen on the option “Personal Email”, and by doing that a registration form will be shown for you to complete. When the registration is complete, click on “Sign up for Free” and the account will be created.

Logging in on Zoho Mail

With the account created, logging in on Zoho Mail is very easy. On the home page, go to the top right on the screen and find the “Login” button.

Immediately, you will be redirect to the sign in screen. In here, enter your email address or mobile number related to Zoho Mail and then click on “Next”. Then, when the entered email or phone number is validated, the platform will require for the password, so type it and click on “Sign in”.

If everything is correct, you should be on your inbox in seconds.

How to Sign Out in Zoho Mail

Sign out in Zoho Mail is very easy, as a recommended action to carry out in case of opening your inbox on shared computer or devices. To do it, on your inbox click on the “My Profile” option on the top right of the screen. The button should have your profile photo.

When this option is clicked, a menu will appear from the side. Find the button “Sign Out” and click it. Automatically you will get signed out and session closed.

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