How to Import and Export Contacts in Zoho Mail

Contacts are a relevant part of email services, as the people and organizations we are going to be sending messages to and also receiving emails from them. Now, when we have a great number of contact registered in our main email account, to move them to another service can be tricky or tedious. With Zoho Mail, this is very easy to do.

Zoho Mail allows users to import and export contacts from and to other email platforms and solutions, exchanging contact lists that with just one click will be available in all users´ or organizations´ email accounts.

Importing Contacts in Zoho Mail

To start importing contacts in Zoho Mail, let´s open session and select the “Contact” option in the app panel on the very left. Immediately it will appear the View panel, contacts categories and the actual contact list on the center.

Above the contact list, you can find the “More Action” button with a three-dot icon. If you click it a great number of options will appear, with “Import” as third option.

In this way, the Import tab will be shown with the different options to import contacts from other email providers. Firstly, the platform will ask you to indicate where to import the contacts respecting branch and category, respectively.

When we have selected the branch and category where imported contacts will be into, it is time to select the third-party email service from which you want to import contacts directly into Zoho. You can choose between: “Local File” to import contacts from a CSV, VCF or vCard file, “Gmail” for importing and Two-Way sync, Yahoo! contact importing and Outlook contact importing.

If we pick “Local File” the platform will ask us to locate the vCard on the computer to upload it. Contacts will be added automatically.

If we choose a third-party provider, such as Gmail, Zoho Mail will ask if we want to import contacts from it or if we want to sync contacts only. Choose the best option and click on “Import”.

Then, we have to pick a Google account to access. If you are logged already just select it. If not, enter email and password.

In seconds, Zoho will show a Results page indicating the number of imported contacts.

This is how they appear on the contacts list.

Exporting Contacts in Zoho Mail

To export contacts, click on “Export” on the More Actions menu on top of the list.

An Export Contacts window will appear where you must enter the branch and category of contacts to export, along with the type of exporting file to choose that can be: CSV, VCF, LDIF, HTML and Outlook CS. Click on “Export Contacts” when the entire information is entered.

Immediately, the file with the contacts get downloaded and ready to be used. Such file can be used to import messages on smart phones, tablets and others email providers.

Waldo Casique:

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