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How to Create a Personal Email Account in Zoho Mail for Free

November 24, 2020

Zoho Mail is a powerful email platform with plenty of functions that guarantee security, reliability and privacy for users and general and also for businesses and corporations, being actually this last one mentioned the main focus of Zoho Mail. However, that does not mean that the platform does not offer personal email accounts, which it actually does.

Let´s learn how to create a personal email account in Zoho Mail for free and start receiving and sending messages in the platform by completing the registration process.

Creating the Account in Zoho Mail: Accessing the Website

In order to create the personal free account in Zoho Mail, we need to access the official website of the platform. To do this, let´s open a new tab or window on the internet browser of our choice and enter the URL address: “”.

Chrome, Mozilla, Edge or Opera are excellent choices, update versions of the software are recommended though.

In this way, in not time we will in Zoho Mail´s home page in order to start the signing up process, which must take less than 10 minutes at most.

zoho mail create account

Signing Up in Zoho Mail for Personal Account

Now that we are on the zoho´s Mail homepage, we can see that the platform provides clearly and easily the way to sign up. On the right area of the page we can the “Get started with ad-free email” section.

zoho mail create account

First, make sure that the “Personal Email” option is the one that is selected with the checkmark. When do so, the registration form will be load and you must enter the personal information requested by the platform.

zoho mail account

To begin with, enter the email address that will the one shared to contacts, a properly secure password with letters, numbers and symbols. Then, type your first and last name as well and a valid mobile phone number. Then, agree the Terms of Service by clicking on the checkmark.


Lastly, click on the button “Sign Up for Free”.

zoho email

The next screen we are going to see is the platform checking the mobile phone number introduced in the registration form. To do it, Zoho will send a SMS to that mobile phone number with a security code, in order to check identity of the user and if it is in fact a person performing the process.

Enter the code in the empty space where it says “Verification Code” and then click on “Check My Mobile Phone Number”.

zoho mail

If the number is correct and the entered code is valid, the platform will create the new account for you and in no time, the inbox will available for you to check as it can be seen in the next capture.

zoho email

There are plenty of option to take advantage of in the personal email account provided by Yoho Mail, which is constantly updated to improve security and add new features for better organization, quickness and performance.