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How to Create a Business Account in Zoho Mail for Free

November 30, 2020

Zoho Mail is a comprehensive and powerful email platform, which is focused on offering the absolute experience in receiving and getting messages and other personal and professional solutions in just one place, guaranteeing security and privacy as pillars that are very relevant for companies. This is the process on how to create a Business account completely for free.

In this way, users and entire companies will be able to take benefit of a control panel, outstanding encryption and security technologies and collaboration tools that allow to take the most out of the working environment. To enjoy all of this, the company is in the need to create a proper Business account in Zoho Mail. This is how is done.

Starting the Process to Have a Proper Business Account on Zoho Mail

To begin the process and have a professional email account using Zoho Mail, let´s follow a few steps. First of all, we need a computer and access to our preferred internet browser. Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera are recommended, although using the last version of the software is mandatory.

On the new browser tab or window, enter the URL address “” and a few seconds later the platform´s homepage will be loaded.

zoho email

To the right on the homepage there is the “Get Started” section. On this one, you can choose between creating a Personal email account or a Business email account. Make sure to select the “Business Email” button in this case and then click on “Sign up for free”.

zoho email

While there is a free plan for Business accounts in Zoho Mail, there are other three paid packages that include important features. On this section they will appear showing features and prices per month.

zoho email

However, if we scroll down a little bit on the page we will find the option “Forever Free Plan”, with up to five users, a limit of 25 MB per attachment in mails and email hosting for domain. To start the registration process on the Free Plan, click on “Sign up now”.

zoho email

Getting Custom Email Address for your Business with Zoho Mail

By selecting the free plan or any other to get the Business account in Zoho Mail, the platform will take us to a page where we can select the way to have a custom email address for our business. We can choose between the option “Sign up with a domain I already own” or “Buy a new domain for my business”. The option to pick is up to you.

If we choose the first option, the platform will asks us to enter the domain we already own. So, type it in on the empty space and click on “Add”.

If the domain is valid, a registration page will load requiring information to complete the process and create the account. Therefore, enter valid name and administrator account, a mobile phone number, password, country and a contact email. Then, click on “Proceed”.

zoho email

If the information is correct, the Business account for your business provided by Zoho Mail will be created and ready to use.