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How to Change Password in Zoho Mail

December 10, 2020

In many cases, when using an email account we get to deal with some security issues that are related with phishing, intruders that may have accessed to our account and more. This is very dangerous since like this attackers can obtain personal and business information that is private. The first step in this case is to change the password and in Zoho Mail is easy.

In this way, with a new password and other security features available in Zoho Mail, accounts will be protected against intruders. Let´s see how we can change password in Zoho Mail.

Changing the Password for a New One in Zoho Mail

To change the password, we are going to access Zoho Mail the same way we would for login in. To do so, open a new tab on an internet browser of your choice and enter the URL address: “”. On the loaded home page, click on the button “Login” placed on the top right corner.

Change Password Zoho Mail

The next page to appear is the Sign In screen where the platform asks for credentials: email and password. Since the purpose is to change the password, we are going to click on the “Forgot Password?” option to start the process.

Change Password Zoho Mail

In this way, the Password Reset Request screen will appear requiring important information to change the password. First, you must enter the email address related to the account or the registered mobile number.

Down below, Zoho Mail needs to confirm that this process is carried out by an actual person for security purposes. Therefore, a random word will appear to enter below it. When the information is entered click on “Request”.

Change Password Zoho Mail

If everything is correct, in the next page Zoho Mail will ask the way you like to reset your password, by sending a recuperation link to your email address or code to your mobile phone number. When it is selected, click on “Submit”. 

Change Password Zoho Mail

In this example we can see the Password Reset Request screen asking you to enter the verification code, since a mobile phone number was entered in the previous step. Type in the code and click on “Verify”.

Change Password Zoho Mail

If the entered information is correct and the code is valid, Zoho Mail will know that you are the owner of the account which password is trying to be changed from. So, the Reset your Password screen will be loaded.

In this one the platform will ask to enter a new password, which is recommended to have numbers, special characters, upper case and lower case for better protection. Enter the same password in the “Confirm Password” field and then click on “Change Password”.

Change Password Zoho Mail

If the passwords match, the process will be a success and the next time you sign in such passphrase will be the one to enter. If the passwords do not match, Zoho Mail will ask to repeat the process of the last window. It is worth notice that previous passwords will not be accepted and every time this process is started the user will be notified via phone number and email.