How to Add Email Filters in Zoho Mail

When we receive many emails in our inbox, it quickly becomes cluttered and messy so finding specific messages turn out to be a challenge. Therefore, counting on with any tool that help us organize and clean our inbox is always nice to have. In Zoho Mail there is the possibility to make use of filters.

With these filters messages get through some sort of funnel that is able to classify such incoming emails into its corresponding categories, making everything cleaner and easy to access. This is how is done.

What Filters Are and How to Use Them in Zoho Mail

Filters are funnels that classify messages in Zoho Mail, completely automatically and refer notonly to incoming mails, but also those that we send. In this way, inbox and folders stay organized even when we are not checking or reading messages.

To start adding filters, obviously we need to sign in on Zoho Mail. After that, to manage filters and start creating new ones, we are going to click on the “Settings” button on the top of the tool panel that is permanently shown to the right.

On the Settings, by scrolling a little bit down depending on your screen you will be find the Filters category. Right away, there are options to create and import or export filters, but by clicking on the category we will have access to the entire filters configuration.

In this screen we can manage every option respecting filters. We start in the “Incoming Emails Filter”, and as the title see this filters are added to messages that are received. Click in “New Filter” to create a new one.

By doing so, a panel will be shown from right to left where the platform asks us to enter the related information. We must enter a name filter, the condition type and conditions that will tell Zoho Mail when an email meets certain requirements to go through this filter, along with actions.

For example, in the conditions you can select emails that have certain subjects, attachments and contain or not contain specific words. In the actions you can select that the platform send certain message to a folder, tag it, delete it or even add it to cloud services.

When everything is set, click on “Save” and the filter will be added.

 This is how it looks like the newly created filter.

If you want to create a filter for outgoing messages, you can do it by clicking on the tab “Outgoing Emails Filter”. Then, click on “New Filter” and the process to follow is very similar to the previous one.

Import and Export Filters

If you have created plenty of filters that are useful and you want to apply them on other email services or bring those created on them into Zoho Mail, you can do by the import and export options.

Click on “Import” to apply filters from other service providers. A window will appear for you to import the filters file.

Click on “Export All” if you want to apply the filters created in Zoho Mail to another email provider. By doing so, a file will be downloaded with the filters information.

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