How to Add Bookmarks in Zoho Mail

Bookmarks are very useful at the moment of browsing the internet, since with just a click we can visit our favorite websites and have a list of them, saving time. Zoho Mail is a platform where you can save your bookmarks and visit web pages easily, in case your preferred browser does not show them properly or simply need to store them somewhere else. Zoho Mail is the only email platform where you can save your bookmarks. Let´s learn how.

Adding New Bookmarks in Zoho Mail

The process of adding new bookmarks is very simple on Zoho Mail. To do it, open session and click on “Bookmarks” on the app panel to the left. In this way, Views panel and bookmark collections are shown, along with the bookmarks list on the center.

Now, there are two ways in which you can add bookmarks. The first one is by clicking on “New Bookmark” as button on top of the Views panel. In this way, the “Add Bookmark” window will show requesting the web´s URL address, title, description and bookmark collection. When fields are filled click on “Add”.

This is how the bookmark looks after is added.

There is a quicker way in which you can add bookmarks. On the bookmarks list there is the “Quick Add/Paste URL” field and on it you can paste any URL and automatically will added as a bookmark by pressing Enter. This is an example with Wikipedia.

Create Bookmark Collections in Zoho Mail

In case you have too many added bookmarks, you can create bookmark collections or folders and organizing them better, by custom categories. To do it, click on “New Bookmark” again and when the Add Bookmark window shows click on “Collection” and enter the new category. In this case will be “Work” and when the book is saved it will be added to this new category.

Bookmark collections appear on the left panel for easy consultation.

Managing Bookmarks in Zoho Mail

In Zoho Mail bookmarks can be managed in different ways. When you put the cursor on any of them, a tool panel is shown to the left of the bookmark. Through these options they can be edited, copied, shared and deleted in case you do not need them anymore.

You can also mark bookmarks as favorites to have them at hand in the corresponding folder. Click on the star icon on the bookmark to make favorite. Aautomatically it will be added to the Favorites folder.

Importing and Exporting Bookmarks in Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail allows to import bookmarks from other internet browsers. To do so, click on “Import” on top of the bookmarks list and the platform will require a compatible importing file.

Bookmarks can be exported as well to add them into other browsers. Click on “Export Bookmarks” on the More Actions menu. In this way, the platform will let the user know that exporting has been scheduled.

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