Design, Language, Customization and Layout Options in Zoho Mail

Email platforms at present time are far from being those services where sending and receiving messages was the only possibility and function, along with a limited inbox. Right now, email solutions include more than communication options and some of them have to do with customization and design changes users can carry out, as in Zoho Mail.

With Zoho Mail, users can apply themes and change the layout or way the messages are shown and more. When it comes to design, Zoho Mail offers plenty of possibilities. Let´s review some of them.

Customization Options and Themes in Zoho Mail

There are plenty of customization options in Zoho Mail, such as adding a new them and create your own experience using the platform. To start, click on “Settings” as the button placed to the right on this tool panel.

In this way, the Settings panel will appear where all configuration and options are available in categories. In this case, we will be choosing the “System” category.

A comprehensive set of options and functions can be used and configured here. You can select the landing page every time you enter Zoho Mail, if landing on the inbox or where you left.

Down below, we can choose from a plethora of languages available if the one on your computer or time zone is not the one you prefer. If you click a new one, Zoho Mail will reload to apply the new language.

If the default font is not your favorite, you can change it next. There are four fonts available and by clicking on it changes will be applied.

If we scroll down a little bit depending on your screen, we find the themes to change color scheme and more. Let´s choose “Cardinal Red” in this case with a white background, there are six more color though. The new applied theme looks like this:

There are other options you can change respecting visuals and even sounds: desktop notifications, Notification Tones and Smart Create Menus.

Night Mode in Zoho Mail

In case you are using a very bright screen with a lighted theme as the one applied here, it is possible to feel eye discomfort. To avoid this, turn on Zoho´s Night Mode by clicking the button on the right, as in the image. Immediately, the background turns black and night reading gets more comfortable.

Changing Layout in Messages in Zoho Mail

Layout and the way emails are shown can also be changed in Zoho Mail, and directly from the inbox. So, go there and locate the tree options above it, which are: “Conversation View”, “Change View” and “Show and Hide Fields”.

With “Conversation View”, messages and their replies are shown as a conversation when enabled, and with this button can be disabled.

On the other hand, “Change View” allow to change the way emails look on the lists. Options are “Classic”, “Compact” and “Super Compact”. Changes look like this.

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