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Advantages and Disadvantages of Zoho Mail

November 27, 2020

An email platform is mandatory service to count on with no doubt, either for personal use or for a business being able to get in touch with messages online is quite valuable. Zoho Mail is the email solution that integrates the best of both worlds in one account.

Let´s address the benefits and disadvantages of Zoho Mail as a comprehensive emailing platform for people in general and also for small and mid-size company, guarantying privacy, security, reliability, management and collaboration functions and options to the most out of platform in personal and business aspects.

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Advantages of Zoho Mail

Here are some of the many advantages that Zoho Mail provides as email solution for personal and business use:

Multi-purpose and Diverse Approach

Zoho Mail is a multi-purpose email solution that is multi-purpose and offers two approaches: personal and business use with proper tools for both ways of taking advantage of the platform. Whether you use a personal account for yourself or a business account for a company, Zoho Mail guarantees security, privacy, reliability and responsiveness in use, along with a great array of tools.

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Ad-free and Out of Charge Possibility of Use

Zoho Mail offers and ad-free service even on the out of charge available plans that are available for users in general and companies. In this way, using the platform does not mean having to endure annoying ads or clustered mail inboxes filled of sponsored messages.

Even for the free plans, Zoho Mail does not include ads and the business mode relies on offering a great service that make people and businesses to move from free to paid plans with more benefits.

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Ease of Use

Whether users are taking advantage of personal and business accounts, Zoho Mail is very easy to use with an intuitive layout and tab-based operation when opened. In this way, opening inbox tabs, along with settings and other tools as calendar, contacts, tasks, bookmarks and more is possible at once.

Multitasking is a breeze with tabs since messages can be written at the same time that inbox is being checked and configuration is being set.

High-level Functions

Zoho Mail means high level functions for business and personal accounts that include: state-of-the-art security, encryption and S/MIME end-to-end protection for messages, possibility of making hassle free migration, count on with collaboration and sharing tools and more.

Business account users count on with advanced features as control panel, use of proper own domain for more professional perception, 24/24 support, mail on mobile, Streams, data privacy and more.

Disadvantages of Zoho Mail as a Service

Like it would happen with any service, Zoho Mail is not free of disadvantages. Although, probable flaws of the platform are not deal breakers in any way.

One disadvantage is that free plans while do not involve ads, they are quite limited. For example, personal and business accounts with free plans only have 5 GB of storage and limited support. Also, business accounts cannot be created without a domain, and in many cases small companies or recent start-ups do not own domain names or websites right of the bat.